The Knotweed Company and knotweed removal and control in Bristol

Japanese knotweed is present in many areas of Bristol. Some years ago, we carried out site surveys of the area and identified large and small areas of Japanese knotweed in many parks and open spaces and growing along watercourses – including the Avon and the Severn – in the area. Indeed one of our personnel had the unusual distinction of getting lost in a large stand of Japanese knotweed at Avonmouth on a winter’s afternoon and had quite a time finding his way out!

Since this time, the levels of Japanese knotweed infestation in Bristol have only got worse and we now regularly work in the area treating and removing Japanese knotweed on sites. The Knotweed Company services the Bristol contracts from our Southern depot and customers are welcome to ‘pay on the nail’ for our services!

Our founder, Brian Taylor, was born in Clevedon, and knows Bristol well.

The Knotweed Company services its contracts, which include long term herbicide programmes, Mortgage Risk Surveys for Japanese knotweed and construction enabling works, mainly from our Weedon premises.

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Japanese knotweed excavation from a construction site in Bristol.

A Japanese knotweed stand in Bristol, growing out of a retaining wall.