Japanese knotweed in your garden

Worried phone calls or emails are now being received from people that have discovered that they or a neighbour has Japanese knotweed in their garden. The vast majority of these people have no cause to panic, as The Knotweed Company's herbicide programme will be able to eradicate these plants within a quoted timescales.

Do note that a guarantee in many instances can be offered.

Our Managing Director is the most uniquely qualified in this business today. MSc, BASIS qualified, decades of experience in knotweed control are just some of his credentials. All of staff hold appropriate certification to use and apply herbicides, whether this through a knapsack sprayer, by stem injection or through weed wiping techniques. Free, no-obligation, quotes for all our work are given and we are always happy to discuss weed problems with any caller.

Contact Brian Taylor on 01327 340770 or email me on brian@jkweed.co.uk