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Japanese knotweed mortgages and Knotweed Management Plans. Wednesday 21st November 2018

The Knotweed Company continues to have an excellent track record of submitting Knotweed Management Plans to mortgage companies and enabling house sales and purchases to proceed. We would never claim to have a 100% track record in this field, but (when considering the larger high street lenders), we think the last such rejection was over three years ago – and when the purchaser went to a different lender the mortgage was immediately approved!

Our surveys and management plans have had a lot of positive feedback over the years, typically our reports are clear and easily understandable and we have a range of solutions that we can call upon. Our typical herbicide programme is cost effective and we offer active monitoring for any extended guarantee period. Insurance backed guarantees are of course available and different products can be costed and discussed.

We also offer verification visits, where the presence of Japanese knotweed is suspected and prepare Knotweed Management Plans. We can also assess sites where knotweed has been found by a new owner and can assess whether or not this is a new infestation or one that may have been concealed.

We have professionally qualified Japanese knotweed surveyors located around the country and clients from Newcastle-upon-Tyne to Penzance and Anglesey to Dover. We are regularly in South Wales, the West Midlands and along the South Coast.

We are the professional Japanese knotweed company.

With staff covering all of England and Wales, speak to the professional company about your Japanese knotweed (and other invasive weed) problems. Contact us on 01327 703129 or 01962 886060, or email us on or

Japanese knotweed – the end is nigh! Wednesday 31st October 2018

The end of the spray season is now upon us for much of the country. While spraying Japanese knotweed may still be effective for another 1-2 weeks (perhaps longer in urban areas) the recent hard frosts will cause rapid senescence and the plants will be dying back above ground, while moving all the stored sugars into their crowns and rhizomes for future use. During this short period, herbicide sprays may still be usefully made to green tissue (stems and leaves) and the herbicide is then transported into the rhizomes along with the sugars, where it will be effective in future seasons.

Halloween is also known as the day of the dead. It is worth remembering that although Japanese knotweed will look dead above ground in the winter, it is still very much alive and in spring it will return…

If you still have untreated Japanese knotweed you need to order your treatment urgently. We have availability to offer treatments for the next few weeks, so why not call the professionals now?

We are the professional Japanese knotweed company.

With staff covering all of England and Wales, speak to the professional company about your Japanese knotweed (and other invasive weed) problems. Contact us on 01327 703129 or 01962 886060, or email us on or

Who monitors your Japanese knotweed in the guarantee period? Friday 7th September 2018

We compete on price and service – this is common to all the private sector. However what does this actually mean during the guarantee period?

A lot of Japanese knotweed contractors do not monitor during their guarantee periods, quite simply they rely on you, the customer to be able to identify Japanese knotweed at an early stage of growth – perhaps distorted into ‘bonsai’ growth habits by the use of herbicides – and they then ask that you contact them, and they will attend site and treat it. However many of these have clauses, in which the guarantee will be voided if the customer fails to identify the growth when small. How confident are you at identifying bonsai knotweed – perhaps only a few millimetres high and heavily distorted? Also if you get your identification wrong – they will charge you for the visit.

The Knotweed Company however is different, we actively monitor our sites during the guarantee period and use qualified technicians and surveyors to check for any growth. In doing so, we can identify any issues on site and deal with them promptly. It is the difference between knowing that you are still knotweed free and hoping that you are…

We are the professional Japanese knotweed company.

With staff covering all of England and Wales, speak to the professional company about your Japanese knotweed (and other invasive weed) problems. Contact us on 01327 703129 or 01962 886060, or email us on or

Blood will out! Friday 24th August 2018

I am not the most patient of men, and get irritated fairly quickly by rudeness, slackness or by incompetence. Equally however I praise and appreciate the competent and polite people and always try to be professional in my dealings with other people.

There are many excellent Japanese knotweed companies out there and I hope that I’m never too proud to learn something new. I'm always interested to learn from others and also am prepared to offer help when asked.

I did get very annoyed earlier today and found it truly outrageous when a supposedly ‘leading company for Japanese knotweed’ produce a poor report for a customer. To begin with, several pages of the (short) report are only there to say how good they are and what a wonderful job they will be doing – what a pity then that these pages of self-important standardized puff contain a number of spelling and grammatical mistakes!

As for the report itself, a vague green blob supposedly marks the Japanese knotweed location and is almost in the correct location – it tries but alas misses by a metre or two… a fairly crucial thing to get right in a Japanese knotweed survey you would think?

Finally their surveyor produces some vague waffle about RICS categories and (amazingly) gets the category right, but for the wrong reasons…there was however no detail about the previous treatments or indeed about the ongoing programme – nothing at all.

A poor attempt at a report – I would grade it as an E- – needs completely re-writing.

If you find my rantings about written style and accuracy interesting, it is because I am the son of a primary school teacher and a research scientist – it was drummed into me from an early age that writing is an important and accurate means of communication. We try to offer well written reports, which are accurate, concise and fit for purpose. We’ve never had any issues with mortgage companies or surveyors about our reports (and indeed have received many compliments from solicitors, mortgage companies, surveyors and our clients).

We don’t brag about how good we are – we’d rather let our customers decide for themselves.

We are the professional Japanese knotweed company.

With staff covering all of England and Wales, speak to the professional company about your Japanese knotweed (and other invasive weed) problems. Contact us on 01327 703129 or 01962 886060, or email us on or

Email problem - Brian Taylor Thursday 16th August 2018

Unfortunately our Email server ( has let us badly down this week due to a technical upgrade and my old email addresses are not currently working.

All of our other emails are working, the problem is only for my email addresses which are and

I have now set up a new email address as my main works emails which is I hope in due course that my old work emails will automatically divert to my new email.

My apologies for any inconvenience.

Brian Taylor

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