Japanese knotweed and mortgages

Friday 17th September 2010

Mortgages and knotweed continue to be in the news. Some mortgage companies have taken the decision to refuse mortgage applications when Japanese knotweed is found either on the property or even on neighbouring property. However knotweed is so commonly found around England, Wales and Scotland, that if this were interpreted strictly enough, they wouldn't be in the mortgage business at all! The Knotweed Company calls upon mortgage companies to assess the risk properly and while they may consider requiring proper treatment and eradication of the knotweed from a reputable contractor, the mortgage itself should surely be subject to a proper risk assessment. This could be a Knotweed Management Plan commissioned from The Knotweed Company, together with an herbicide programme.

We're also offering a combined survey, Knotweed Management Plan and herbicide programme for house buyers. This package can be offered at an attractive rate, so contact us today and discuss with our experts.