Japanese knotweed – spring shoots.

Thursday 2nd March 2017

We are seeing that Japanese knotweed is already forming buds, preparatory to making shoots in the spring. All we need now is some warmer weather and knotweed will start to produce the asparagus like spears (mature stands), which can grow at an extraordinary rate – a foot a week, or 43mm a day if we’re being metric! We would expect to see shoots quite soon now, perhaps in urban areas such as Bristol or London.

We normally experience a quiet spell in late winter/early spring, but not this year! We’re nearly flat out working on sites across England and Wales. However we expect to get busier if this warm weather keeps up!

We’re still looking for a trainee Surveyor for Japanese knotweed and would draw attention to our earlier blogs about applying for this interesting vacancy. We would also consider appointing a new Knotweed technician as well and would again welcome applicants for this Daventry based role.

With staff covering all of England & Wales, speak to the professional Japanese knotweed Company about your knotweed problems, contact us on 01327 703129 or 01962 886060 or email us on enquiries@jkweed.co.uk or sharon@jkweed.co.uk