Japanese knotweed – look out! It’s here…

Thursday 30th March 2017

This week while working in Cornwall, we found areas of Japanese knotweed with new growth in excess of 1 metre. Some shoots were around 4 feet high (or 1.2 metres if you prefer!). This is extremely early to be seeing such growth!

It is of course possible that this early growth of Japanese knotweed will still be killed off by severe frosts, but this seems increasingly unlikely for the next few weeks and so it may well be, that we shall see some significant knotweed growth (2-3 metres high) by early to mid-May. By contrast last year, knotweed had barely started growing before early May.

Work is picking up nicely now and our surveyors are keeping busy, assessing new sites. We hope to fill our Trainee Surveyor/estimator position next week and aim to continue to offer our customers good service and competitive pricing for our services in the coming season.

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