Japanese knotweed – it’s nearly ready…

Thursday 27th April 2017

It has been a fairly mild spring and Japanese knotweed (where it has either not been treated or only perhaps had 1-2 treatments) will already have emerged and is growing strongly. Treated knotweed typically emerges much later and in a much less vigorous way.

The big question however is - can we treat it yet?

The answer is not just yet. We need to allow the growth on the vigorously growing stands to reach at least 1.8-2 metres in height, as this presents a good target for the herbicide. Prior to this the plant will still be very actively growing and will tend to grow out of treatments rather than take the herbicide to the rhizomes underground – which is where we need it to be transported to. IF we don’t have any severe frosts (which will kill the above ground growth), than I estimate that we will be able to start treating knotweed in some areas in the next two weeks (typically Southern England and urban areas) with other areas a week or so later. However this could all change in the event of a hard frost!

Japanese knotweed that has been already treated several times, or is approaching the end of a herbicide programme, will not normally emerge until later in the year – perhaps not until July or August and inspections and treatments timings need to reflect this – it would be pointless to carry out site inspections (on existing sites) in April or in December and looking for live growth!

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