Japanese knotweed – Student of the Year 2017.

Friday 5th May 2017

Last night, Jim Glaister and I were present at the Property Care Association’s annual Awards Dinner. I was under the impression that I was there to lead the applause for the winning candidates and to network generally.

It was a great evening, and was made all the better for me, when to my surprise, I found myself being awarded Student of the Year for the Certificated Surveyor in Japanese knotweed. I sat the exam last spring at a difficult time and had been glad to pass it, so I was truly shocked to learn that I had been awarded this prize.

Jim (who won the same award in 2015) had been in on the secret and he and Sue Uttridge had planned the surprise very well. Well done to you both!

I think this is a unique situation for any Japanese knotweed Company having two people within it, who have now received this coveted award. I feel both proud and humbled by this.

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