Japanese knotweed – Pay as you go.

Wednesday 26th July 2017

Japanese knotweed control and eradication requires many visits over a few years before certification of eradication can be issued, needless to say all this costs money! Some of our competitors require that you pay all the costs of this programme either up front or in 2-3 payments in the first year – this can be difficult for people to fund…

We at The Knotweed Company offer a much more realistic approach to our ongoing contracts. We can (if for instance a mortgage company requires it), take the monies in one or two payments, or we can simply invoice as the works progress according to an agreed schedule. The ‘pay as you go’ approach has several advantages for our clients including budgeting of costs and keeping control of their money.

We aim to work with our clients and seek to offer a fair way of payment for services that may last a number of years. I always ask people a simple question, if you were arranging vehicle servicing for a five or six year period, would you pay the garage up front? Why should Japanese knotweed be any different?

We aim to work with our clients, we don’t have a one size fits all policy.

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