Japanese knotweed in Northamptonshire

Monday 7th February 2011

I live and work in the Midlands, almost in the exact geographic centre of England. Our offices are in Weedon (which is very appropriate!) and in the village are a number (quite a lot actually) of Japanese knotweed stands. Although we have a railway line running through the village, the knotweed is not located near there, but is found on roadside verges, front and back gardens and in the grounds of the local meeting room.

Further from home, but still in the Midlands, the A43 near Brackley is one of my favourite locations to take photographs as Japanese knotweed and Giant Hogweed are happily co-existing and spreading with the able assistance of the Highway Agency’s grass cutting contractors! The Japanese knotweed has now spread over a mile along the A43, when previously it was confined to one roundabout in Brackley.

Northampton has plenty of well established Japanese knotweed colonies and these are located typically around the town centre on brown field sites and in private gardens. Japanese knotweed is also found on the A5, in a disused quarry site near Towcester and in many, many other places.

Northamptonshire is not a heavily infested county be any means, but the point of this blog is that wherever you are in the country, Japanese knotweed will be present. I have found it in small Norfolk villages, in ancient woodland in Oxfordshire, salt marshes and coastal estuaries in the West Country, Moorland sites in Cornwall and mountain sides in Wales. It is very easy for people, businesses and councils to ignore a small problem, only to find a few years later that the small problem is now not only a lot bigger, but has spread to other sites near and far.

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