Japanese knotweed – 2017 review.

Thursday 21st December 2017

As regular readers of this blog know (and there are a few!), I usually write a few words on the 2017 season and perhaps look ahead to 2018.

2017 was an interesting year in the industry, we welcomed the renewal of the licence to use glyphosate in herbicides – glyphosate in its many formulations is essential for the control and eradication of invasive weeds – there is nothing else in many situations! We can either use glyphosate or watch invasive weeds destroy our natural environment. These options are stark and clear and we already have hectare plus blocks of knotweed growing adjacent to rivers, which are effectively sterile environments, of little or no benefit to the environment. Using glyphosate to kill the invasive plants, we can then restore the natural environment – without glyphosate, we can only watch the weeds spread.

We’ve had another good year in 2017, we had a new member of staff join our team and have continued to offer our professional services across all of England and Wales.

Legally, Japanese knotweed has had an interesting year, Network Rail have lost one case in Wales, concerning Japanese knotweed and are currently appealing the decision. This may (if the appeal is lost) make an interesting legal precedent. More on this in 2018. The first anti-social behaviour orders (ASBOs) were issued in 2017, to people or organisations who have failed to control their Japanese knotweed, fines and enforcement of the orders are then typically put into place.

Mortgage companies continue to review Japanese knotweed. We have not yet experienced a rejection of our Knotweed Management Plans from any of the larger lenders (smaller lenders are typically more risk averse). The only issues that we have experienced have been where a client has undertaken eradication/concealment/landscaping works (typically involving excavation) before involving us – our surveys have to reflect this and we can only report what we have found on site.

We have a number of interesting projects that we are working on at the moment, and these take us around the country – so you might see our vans on site in the New Year from Marazion to Margate or from Southampton to Sunderland or from Bangor to Barry! Wherever Japanese knotweed grows we’ll be there!

Our offices are closed from 12.30pm today until 8.30am Tuesday 2nd January 2018. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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