Japanese knotweed – coping with Aussie Flu.

Wednesday 17th January 2018

On the bright side, I haven’t succumbed yet to the dreaded seasonal flu. I suspect it is only a matter of time however...

It appears that nearly everyone around me this week has fallen ill with the dreaded flu in the last two weeks. My wife was ill last week and is still recovering and no less than four staff members are off this week – three with the flu and one on leave (he had the flu two weeks earlier!). This is quite remarkable as our staffing arrangements mean that we don’t actually all meet face to face that often, since before Christmas in fact.

So I must ask all our customers to have patience with us, if we have to cancel scheduled works at short notice this week. We don’t want to pass the flu to you too.

We’re already booking surveys and receiving orders for treatment programmes and are able to provide suitable management plans for dealing with your Japanese knotweed. So why not call us? The office is still manned!

The time to start treating your Japanese knotweed is now, so call the professionals.

With staff covering all of England & Wales, speak to the professional Japanese knotweed Company about your knotweed problems, contact us on 01327 703129 or 01962 886060 or email us on enquiries@jkweed.co.uk or sharon@jkweed.co.uk