Japanese knotweed – still sleeping.

Monday 19th March 2018

Not much appears to have changed in the last few weeks. Snow and ice still cover much of the country and Japanese knotweed is still fast asleep for the winter. I suspect that when the weather warms up a bit, the invasive weeds will rapidly make up for lost time and we’ll be spraying Giant hogweed in 3-4 weeks’ time and Japanese knotweed by early May.

Needless to say we’re still keeping very busy and my desk is still in its usual state...

We’ve just taken delivery of some new iPhones for most of the team and I’m helping them set these up (quicker to batch do them, as opposed to everyone struggling on their own). Technology has certainly moved on from when I started work… fortunately I’ve kept up with it (mostly!).

We’re already booking surveys and receiving orders for treatment programmes and are able to provide suitable management plans for dealing with your Japanese knotweed or other invasive weeds. So why not call us?

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