Japanese knotweed – it wakes!

Tuesday 3rd April 2018

One of our surveyors, Paul Copper, reported that he had found untreated Japanese knotweed shoots on a site in Southern England last week. A sheltered spot and 2-3 shoots were growing (about 100mm or 4” for those of us that remember (vaguely in my case!) £ s d).

The slowly warming soil temperatures will now mean that all the invasive weeds will start growing. Giant hogweed will be the first to awaken and in sheltered spots will soon need treating. Japanese knotweed will need leaving for a while before treatments can commence, we normally like to leave it until mid-May at the earliest (if previously untreated) and later if possible.

We are still able to undertake winter stem clearance work, this window of opportunity is however fast disappearing and will be gone in the next few weeks.

We’re already booking surveys and receiving orders for treatment programmes and are able to provide suitable management plans for dealing with your Japanese knotweed or other invasive weeds. So why not call us?

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