Japanese Knotweed management Plan

Monday 21st February 2011

Developers are advised by the Environment Agency to produce and maintain a Japanese knotweed Management Plan. This plan will include a detailed site survey and provide recommendations on how to kill (eradicate) or manage (control) the Japanese knotweed. These recommendations will be site specific and may include budget costings. Advice should also be given on how to implement the necessary control measures. The Knotweed Company has a number of specialist advisers who are not only appropriately qualified and trained, but are experienced in finding the necessary practical solutions. We are able to provide detailed costings for the recommended solution(s) and liaise closely with your construction and design teams to achieve this.

We offer a full consultancy package, ranging from stand alone site surveys, to the full production and regular up-dating of Knotweed Management Plans, specifications, Bills of Quantity, etc. While costs vary for producing these documents, we aim to keep a competitive price to our clients.

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