Japanese knotweed – what has happened to spring?

Friday 13th April 2018

Rumour has it that spring is coming next week. It is quite hard to believe that here we are at the Ides of April and when I look out of the office window the trees are bare and the grass is barely growing yet.

If the forecasters are correct and we are going to see rapidly warming temperatures from next week, than Japanese knotweed watchers will be in for a treat, as the growth rate that the knotweed will make this spring will be amazing to see. One foot of new growth (305 mm) a week is often quoted, but in the right conditions it can exceed that!

Although it is hard to imagine right now, Japanese knotweed will almost certainly exceed 2 metres in height (untreated mature stands) by the end of May. Assuming that there is currently only buds showing today and that it will take a few days to start growing it will do all this growth in 5-6 weeks and reach a height by the end of May of 7-8 feet (2m+). Full height of the Japanese knotweed will be reached around the end of June, after which new shoots will continue to emerge around the mature stand area.

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