Japanese knotweed – what weed is this?

Friday 20th April 2018

This weekend I expect to be gardening for at least some of the time, as are many people. This weekend, many people will see the purple green stems of Japanese knotweed emerging from the soil, from under paving slabs and concrete or perhaps behind the garden shed or garage….

If you are in this position, the first thing to do is not to panic. If you think it is Japanese knotweed, than email us with a photograph or two and we will try to confirm or not whether it is knotweed. This is even a free service! If it is confirmed as Japanese knotweed, than we can offer several ways forward, from a survey by a qualified person to providing a cost effective treatment programme.

We offer programmes which are flexible and adaptable to your needs. This includes programmes which are ‘pay as you go’ as opposed to some companies where you pay for the 5-6 year programme in one lump sum up front – which I find a little strange – how many services over 5-6 years do you pay for upfront? Window cleaning? Bin cleaning? So why should Japanese knotweed be different?

We can also provide suitable eradication programmes for properties for sale, including programmes which comply with most of the larger mortgage company’s requirements.

Japanese knotweed is growing now – so it’s a good time to call us!

With staff covering all of England & Wales, speak to the professional Japanese knotweed Company about your knotweed problems, contact us on 01327 703129 or 01962 886060 or email us on enquiries@jkweed.co.uk or sharon@jkweed.co.uk