Japanese knotweed – can you ever eradicate it?

Wednesday 25th April 2018

Today a number of media outlets are promoting a scary message, which is basically saying that Japanese knotweed can never be eradicated.

Behind the scary headlines, is an excellent research paper titled ‘Optimising physiochemical control of invasive Japanese knotweed’ (Jones et al, 2018). In this paper, the researchers have found that summer and autumn applications of glyphosate based herbicide offer the best control; furthermore control programmes have to last for many years – longer than the experimental work has so far lasted.

This research work confirms many of my views and should not be a surprise to anyone in the industry. I strongly recommend reading the paper to anyone who is truly interested in the subject.

So back to Japanese knotweed - can you eradicate it with herbicides? Yes you can.

However it typically takes many years to do this. Yesterday I finally signed off three sites in South-west London which started their eradication programme in 2006 and 2007. They completed their monitoring period (minimum 2 years) late last year. Other sites (much larger infestations) for the same client started in 2005 and are still making growth as of last year.

The Knotweed Company has been treating Japanese knotweed for years. We can provide suitable eradication and control programmes for all types of properties or situations – it does however take a few years!

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