Japanese knotweed – Certificated Surveyor (CSJK).

Monday 4th June 2018

The Property Care Association (PCA) of which we have been members since early 2013, developed a rigorous training and examination process for technicians and surveyors in the invasive weed industry. We are proud to say that Jim Glaister and I (Brian Taylor) were also able to contribute quite extensively to the process.

Every contractor and consultant member of the PCA invasive weed group should now have at least one person qualified to the CSJK standard and soon every surveyor should be qualified.

The Knotweed Company always seeks to lead the field with their expertise and training. All of our surveyors are qualified and hold the CSJK. Our latest candidate to sit the examination – Aaron Way – has now been told that he has passed his examination and is entitled to put the letters CSJK after his name. He joins our group of surveyors which includes: Brian Taylor, Jim Glaister, Paul Copper, Kevin Gilderson and now Aaron Way. I think that we employ more qualified surveyors than any other company in the United Kingdom.

The CSJK is a tough examination with a high failure rate – it combines a written essay examination, a practical identification test and a final viva before two experienced surveyors.

Prior to the examination process, any one could set up a business and call themselves ‘experts in Japanese knotweed’. I can remember speaking to some of these so called ‘experts’ who couldn’t identify Japanese knotweed (this is no joke).

If you are looking for an expert – speak to the professionals and make sure that your surveyor is qualified to the CSJK standard.

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