Giant hogweed is now flowering biohazard!

Saturday 16th June 2018

Giant hogweed is now flowering throughout the country. This is the most dangerous time of the year, to get the sap on your skin as the combination of strong sun light and the sap from the plant can result in severe burning and blistering.

It is however important to get this weed treated professionally. Please do not panic and chop it all down, that can be very dangerous to do. This weed needs to be treated with an appropriate herbicide, which will safely kill the plant and the tap root or carefully removed if there is no other option.

We have been seeing an increase in Giant hogweed infestations on the last few years. This is usually because people do not take action as soon as they see the first signs of an infestation (and flowering umbels 5 metres high are fairly obvious to most people). We are seeing some very large affected areas (hundreds if not thousands of square metres). This is not only potentially hazardous, but can also affect offering of mortgages on the affected properties, finally invasive weeds are detrimental to the environment.

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