Japanese knotweed – secrets from the past

Friday 22nd June 2018

The good thing about having been a professional Japanese knotweed eradicator for over ten years, is that you never stop learning. When I started working (exclusively) with knotweed in 2004, little was known about the long term eradication of knotweed. Jim Glaister and I started working together in 2004 and between us we tried and tested many methods of eradication and critically reviewed what we were doing and how we could improve our methods. This is still an ongoing process!

Occasionally, we were perplexed as to how competitors were able to offer ‘Guaranteed eradication in 12 months’. One company (who I will refer to as ABC) made a huge splash about how they were the experts that could work this miracle and offer a five year guarantee. No reputable person in the industry could understand this, as they seemed to be able to make it work. However the world of Japanese knotweed is a small one and eventually you meet someone that will (after a beer or two) talk.

ABC was apparently using high doses of a residual herbicide (now no longer available), in the first year – we all knew this and also knew it wouldn’t eradicate the knotweed, merely suppress it. What they were then doing (I have been told) was entering sites (including construction sites, etc.) when no-one was on site and re-treating the areas in subsequent years, so that no re-growth would occur. This breached Health and Safety, could be defined as trespass and possibly even as fraud. Needless to say some clients found out and fired this company. Re-growth of the knotweed would have occurred on most sites by now as residual herbicide will only suppress the knotweed for a few years.

ABC is no longer trading but the phoenix descendent is still out there…

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