Japanese knotweed – does it cause property damage?

Friday 20th July 2018

For an invasive weed, Japanese knotweed is very good at getting media attention. This year there has been a lot of media attention and in fairness a lot to discuss.

The current media hype is basically saying that Japanese knotweed is no more harmful than many other weeds. However Japanese knotweed can be far more harmful than your average weed. For example you can’t afford to ignore knotweed as it will rapidly spread and overwhelm any area of land. If you fail to control the knotweed, it can and frequently does destroy walls, hard surfaces and gardens. Japanese knotweed has no limit to how large an area of land one plant can cover, infestations of 1 Ha+ are known to exist.

The most alarming feature however comes when doing building works, if you fail to identify the presence of Japanese knotweed or incompetently remediate it, you can get some serious issues arising. Please see our Photograph Gallery for examples of this or our Facebook page.

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