Who monitors your Japanese knotweed in the guarantee period?

Friday 7th September 2018

We compete on price and service – this is common to all the private sector. However what does this actually mean during the guarantee period?

A lot of Japanese knotweed contractors do not monitor during their guarantee periods, quite simply they rely on you, the customer to be able to identify Japanese knotweed at an early stage of growth – perhaps distorted into ‘bonsai’ growth habits by the use of herbicides – and they then ask that you contact them, and they will attend site and treat it. However many of these have clauses, in which the guarantee will be voided if the customer fails to identify the growth when small. How confident are you at identifying bonsai knotweed – perhaps only a few millimetres high and heavily distorted? Also if you get your identification wrong – they will charge you for the visit.

The Knotweed Company however is different, we actively monitor our sites during the guarantee period and use qualified technicians and surveyors to check for any growth. In doing so, we can identify any issues on site and deal with them promptly. It is the difference between knowing that you are still knotweed free and hoping that you are…

We are the professional Japanese knotweed company.

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