Japanese knotweed – the end is nigh!

Wednesday 31st October 2018

The end of the spray season is now upon us for much of the country. While spraying Japanese knotweed may still be effective for another 1-2 weeks (perhaps longer in urban areas) the recent hard frosts will cause rapid senescence and the plants will be dying back above ground, while moving all the stored sugars into their crowns and rhizomes for future use. During this short period, herbicide sprays may still be usefully made to green tissue (stems and leaves) and the herbicide is then transported into the rhizomes along with the sugars, where it will be effective in future seasons.

Halloween is also known as the day of the dead. It is worth remembering that although Japanese knotweed will look dead above ground in the winter, it is still very much alive and in spring it will return…

If you still have untreated Japanese knotweed you need to order your treatment urgently. We have availability to offer treatments for the next few weeks, so why not call the professionals now?

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