Japanese knotweed mortgages and Knotweed Management Plans.

Wednesday 21st November 2018

The Knotweed Company continues to have an excellent track record of submitting Knotweed Management Plans to mortgage companies and enabling house sales and purchases to proceed. We would never claim to have a 100% track record in this field, but (when considering the larger high street lenders), we think the last such rejection was over three years ago and when the purchaser went to a different lender the mortgage was immediately approved!

Our surveys and management plans have had a lot of positive feedback over the years, typically our reports are clear and easily understandable and we have a range of solutions that we can call upon. Our typical herbicide programme is cost effective and we offer active monitoring for any extended guarantee period. Insurance backed guarantees are of course available and different products can be costed and discussed.

We also offer verification visits, where the presence of Japanese knotweed is suspected and prepare Knotweed Management Plans. We can also assess sites where knotweed has been found by a new owner and can assess whether or not this is a new infestation or one that may have been concealed.

We have professionally qualified Japanese knotweed surveyors located around the country and clients from Newcastle-upon-Tyne to Penzance and Anglesey to Dover. We are regularly in South Wales, the West Midlands and along the South Coast.

We are the professional Japanese knotweed company.

With staff covering all of England and Wales, speak to the professional company about your Japanese knotweed (and other invasive weed) problems. Contact us on 01327 703129 or 01962 886060, or email us on enquiries@jkweed.co.uk or sharon@jkweed.co.uk