Giant Hogweed Risk Assessment.

Monday 11th April 2011

If you have Giant Hogweed on your land (whether privately or publicly owned land), than you as the land owner could be liable for any injury to people, caused by this plant.

Giant Hogweed can cause blistering, burns, permanent scarring, even fatalities. It is not a plant that should be ignored by any responsible landowner.

I must admit to being extremely concerned when I see areas of Giant Hogweed, spreading over land and river systems. Especially when it is obvious that members of the public have access to these areas. In some instances footpaths run through these areas an obvious hazard!

Giant Hogweed is growing now, and treatment is most effective at this time of year. If it is left for many more weeks, early seeding of the mature plants is possible and the risk to members of the public and/or land users will increase.

Managers and officers within Local Authorities should be aware of this plant and its hazards and should assess the risk of not having an expert contractor eradicate this plant on their land. Costs for an herbicide programme are not high, relative to the risk and potential for compensation claims.

The Knotweed Company can offer a full site survey, Risk Assessment, and herbicide programme, which works within Best Practice and recommended herbicide use. This may take 3 years or more to achieve eradication, but the risk to the public is greatly reduced within a few weeks, as the mature plants are quickly killed, leaving only the smaller seedlings to be mopped up in subsequent years. By following Best Practice, the customer can be assured that eradication will follow.

Whatever your weed problem, wed be glad to hear from you and can offer solutions and competitive quotations throughout England and Wales.

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