Japanese knotweed – herbicide treatments in the autumn.

Thursday 1st September 2011

The recent wet and cool weather (with the usual good timing for the August Bank Holiday weekend!) is a reminder to us all that autumn is nearly upon us. At this time of year Japanese knotweed should have completed flowering and be ready to go into winter mode. All the stored sugars, etc. are taken down the hollow stems and stored in the rhizome (root) system for another year. If herbicides are correctly applied at this time, they too will be carried into the rhizomes.

Autumn applications of glyphosate at this time of year can be very effective indeed. They will not kill the knotweed entirely (in almost all cases to kill knotweed takes several seasons of herbicide treatments), but will be very effective. This window of opportunity may last from as little as 5 weeks to as much as 13+ weeks; it depends upon night time temperatures, location and the timing of the first frosts. For the last few years we have experienced cold snaps in early October, which have ended this period very quickly, so if you are planning on having your knotweed treated – don’t delay, call The Knotweed Company as soon as possible, so treatment can be initiated this year, rather than next.

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