Root barriers and Japanese knotweed

Tuesday 2nd November 2010

Root barriers or membranes are an important tool in Knotweed works. The Environment Agency’s Code of Practice ‘Managing Japanese Knotweed on development sites’ provides useful information on the developer should expect from these barriers. The Knotweed Company has the expertise to supply and install such barriers, including permeable root barriers which may be suitable for knotweed projects.

In recent months a number of companies have specified the use of chemically impregnated barriers; however such barriers do not have regulatory approval in the United Kingdom and are not required for knotweed control. A root barrier installation needs to be carefully worked into any construction project and the developer must ensure that subsequent disturbance of the barrier does not take place. The Knotweed Company employs fully trained staff to assess the site at the initial enquiry and then provides priced options to supply and/or install the root barrier. Our staff may heat weld the root barrier in situ or alternative means of joining the barrier may be used – depending on circumstances.

The use of root barriers can significantly reduce the costs of knotweed remediation and provide our customers with more options on site.

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