A busy start to 2012.

Tuesday 17th January 2012

The New Year kicked off well for us, with our first enquiry of the year coming through at 9am on the 3rd January. We were able to meet the person on site the next day and discuss their Japanese knotweed. Other new enquiries and orders have followed!

We are also busy doing the winter brush cut and clearances for knotweed sites. This is because the dense growth of the dead stems (which may stand for a further 2-3 years after dying in the autumn), will prevent us from applying herbicides correctly and well. Further reasons for the brush cutting include lowering the risk of arson (which on large areas may be significant); tidying the area and preventing the overgrown area from being a litter trap or even a place for people to hide. On several occasions in London, we have discovered people living (tents) in the middle of large knotweed areas and on one occasion we discovered a badger baiting arena...

Our new trading division Taylands Landscaping is also gaining new works and the website for this division shall shortly be going up more news on this soon!

Finally (last but not least), we have been successful in renewing our accreditation for CHAS (Contractors Health & Safety). This important scheme assesses our Health & Safety policy and procedures and ensures that we are complying with the current legislation in this very important area.

If you would like to talk to a professional about your knotweed problem, please call us. Our quotations are free and without obligation.

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