So you’ve got Japanese knotweed – Don’t Panic!

Friday 9th March 2012

Almost the first thing someone does, when they hear the words, you’ve got Japanese knotweed in your garden is to think “what is that?” Shortly afterwards, when they’ve been looking at scary websites (some even have scary music) is to panic...

Usually they have no reason whatsoever to panic. Japanese knotweed may be treated in almost every instance in a reasonable and structured approach. In most instances, costs can be carefully controlled and the work takes place (with no large upfront bills), but payments spread over the course of the work.

Sadly, there are companies that take advantage of this panic (and may do their share in promoting it too), and typically charge thousands of pounds upfront, and offer “guaranteed instant eradication”, which is often nothing of the sort! It doesn’t matter what you spray or how you apply the chemical – injection, spray, wipe – it still takes several years to achieve eradication on a site. What is often done is to use a residual herbicide, which suppresses the growth for a year or two, after which up pops the knotweed again!

An easy way to find out about the contractor that you’re speaking to, just ask them about the Knotweed Code of Practice, if they say “It’s not really a code, more a set of guidelines...” do yourself a favour and watch out for the Stetson and spurs...

We are proud to say that we follow best practice and work within guidelines as stated in the Code of Practice published by the Environment Agency.

If you would like to talk to a professional about your knotweed problem, please call us. Our quotations are free and without obligation.

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