How do I kill my Japanese knotweed?

Tuesday 9th November 2010

A typical question that I get asked is, ‘How do I kill my Japanese knotweed?’

The answer is that it is normally best to employ a reputable contractor who is suitably experienced and qualified. The Environment Agency state that a minimum of three years is required for an herbicide programme to be effective. In my experience 3-5 years is quite normal, sometimes longer is required. Too often however companies offer ‘immediate eradication of Japanese knotweed’ they charge large sums of money for this herbicide treatment and offer guarantees of several years. In reality all this means is that they return every year during the guarantee period and apply herbicide to the knotweed growth. It can end up as an expensive herbicide programme for the client!

We believe in being much more open and honest with our customers and this can lead to significant savings for them! For instance we were recently asked to quote for a small stand of Japanese knotweed. We ascertained the details during the initial enquiry and were able to provide a quotation of under £1000.00 (total including VAT) for the 5-year programme. Some of the other quotes that they obtained were between £4000.00 and £6,500.00 for the same work! Furthermore we normally operate a ‘pay as you go’ policy for domestic clients, so you don’t need to make large upfront payments to us (subject to our standard terms and conditions).

So if you’re seeking cost effective solutions for your Japanese knotweed problem, why not call the professionals? We cover all areas of England and Wales, we only use qualified staff and we have decades of experience!