Japanese knotweed photographs and pictures.

Wednesday 9th May 2012

We’ve had a number of phone calls from worried householders lately, asking us if the plant that has suddenly appeared in their garden is indeed Japanese knotweed. For some people it is indeed Japanese knotweed and they need to eradicate the knotweed using a professional contractor such as The Knotweed Company! For others an emailed photograph or two is enough for us to put their minds at rest and we can tell them that it is not in fact Japanese knotweed.

We are always happy to refer people to our page of photographs on this website, so that they may put their minds at rest for themselves – follow the links above or Photograph Gallery click here. This is often enough to set people’s minds at rest, Japanese knotweed identification is usually a straightforward matter.

The next part of the phone call usually goes like this “Well I’ve spoken to X Co. and they say they can eradicate the knotweed in 1 spray/12 weeks/1 year”. (delete as appropriate) “Why are you saying that your programme will take between 3-5 years?” The short answer is that herbicide programmes do indeed take between 3-5 years. We would rather be honest with our customers.

We believe that we can offer the best and most effective herbicide programmes of all our competitors. We have years of experience and expertise to offer to our customers and (unlike many of our competitors) have the services of a BASIS qualified adviser (that’s me!) to ensure that our customers get an excellent service, which is properly targeted on resolving the site specific problem, which complies with the Environment Agency’s Code of Practice.

We are proud to say that we follow best practice and work within guidelines as stated in the Code of Practice published by the Environment Agency.

If you would like to talk to a professional about your knotweed problem, please call us. Our quotations are free and without obligation.

Contact Brian Taylor on 01327 340770 or email me on my email.