House buyers and Invasive Weed Surveys.

Wednesday 6th June 2012

When buying a property that has invasive weeds such as Japanese knotweed, either growing in the property or close by, you will probably need to have a professional invasive weed survey carried out. The Japanese knotweed industry is essentially unregulated, so the surveys that are carried out may be to very different standards, so how can the customer find a professional invasive weed expert to survey the property and to write the necessary report?

1) Choose a professional company. The surveyor should be qualified and experienced to do the work. The company should have the services of a Member of the BASIS Professional Register (MBPR) or they should not offer advice on the use and selection of pesticides. Our surveyors hold appropriate qualifications – typically in horticulture – and are experienced in identifying and treating weeds.

2) Professional Indemnity Insurance. In the event that the survey was negligent the company should have a suitable policy that specifically covers giving advice on properties with Japanese knotweed. We hold such a policy!

3) Experience and company size. You should only consider employing a suitably experienced company of a suitable size. You might know a local chap with a knapsack that treats weeds, but are they suitably qualified and experienced to offer advice in this matter? It doesn’t need to be a large company but they should be professional.

4) Costs. In these hard times, we are always looking for the best deal, but are free surveys actually free? We know of a number of companies that offer free surveys, but their herbicide programmes cost thousands of pounds more than ours! So is this truly a ‘free survey’? We offer a carefully costed programme of works and don’t normally offer free surveys to new clients. We think that we offer the most competitive pricing for a professional service.

5) The use of separate surveying and contracting companies? You might consider using separate surveying and contracting companies; we consider that by offering the full range of services in the Japanese knotweed and invasive weed market that we can offer competitive pricing and the full service.

We consider ourselves to be professionals in the invasive weed market and not only do we have a BASIS qualified advisor working for the company, we also only use suitably qualified knotweed surveyors with experience of working within the invasive weed business.

Whatever your weed problem, we’d be glad to hear from you and can offer solutions and competitive quotations throughout England and Wales.

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