Japanese knotweed – growing somewhere near you.

Monday 18th June 2012

Each year brings changes in the local hot spots for enquiries about Japanese knotweed. One month it may be Manchester, another month London. No doubt there are many reasons for this, but one thing doesn’t change, every year there is more knotweed.

I keep an eye on Japanese knotweed news articles and reporting. I was quite surprised to see a “shock/horror” headline concerning Japanese knotweed in Shrewsbury. The local media seemed to think it had just arrived in the town! The reality is that Japanese knotweed is well established in virtually every city, town and even many villages and has been for years if not decades. We’ve been treating areas of knotweed in Shrewsbury, Telford and Shropshire for some years now.

Recently we’ve been surveying sites for clients in Oxford, Lincoln, Worcester, Birmingham, Leicester and Coventry. In some of these areas, Japanese knotweed is not widely perceived as being a problem, however when driving around these areas, I often spot knotweed growing in odd places – in car parks, gardens and on the roadside. These areas are often not being treated and so continue to grow and spread and may be a source of new infestations in the area.

We work throughout England and Wales, so if you have a Japanese knotweed problem and want to talk to someone professional, we can help.

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