The Knotweed Company – The best time to start treating your Knotweed is autumn.

Monday 3rd September 2012

It is autumn, the season of mellow mists and fruitfulness; it is also the best time to start killing your Japanese knotweed! At this time of year, the knotweed is starting to store its gains from the summer (sugars, etc) and moves the food into the rhizome system. It is therefore vital to treat your knotweed in a proper manner with an appropriate herbicide and use this time wisely to get the herbicide into the rhizome system.

However this period is limited, some years, the period may end in Mid-October, other years it carried on to late November, we cannot predict this, as it is temperature dependent. So if you want your knotweed treated by the most professional Japanese knotweed contractor, if you want a professional programme of eradication – contact us now.

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