Weather and the spread of Japanese knotweed.

Wednesday 26th September 2012

Japanese knotweed grows quite happily in all parts of the British Isles, it has rapidly colonised urban areas, coastline areas, islands, river estuaries, salt marshes, parkland, back gardens, nature reserves, woodland, down land, hills, mountains and moorland. The weather this year, will once again be enabling Japanese knotweed to colonise new areas, flooding will move knotweed along river systems, to where it will form new colonies, the muddy conditions both now and in the spring, will have increased the spread of rhizomes, through many means, such as footwear, car tyres and associated mud, tracked vehicles, and even through caravans and site cabins.

So this year, may see the start of tens of thousands of new Japanese knotweed stands, throughout the British Isles. In a few years, the new stands will reach full height, but how long will it be before anyone thinks that something ought to be done to control these new infestations? As always the sooner treatment starts the quicker eradication will be achieved!

The good news is that we are able and willing to undertake treatment of Japanese knotweed, anywhere in England and Wales and in parts of Scotland. We are already treating knotweed covering an area in excess of 80,000 m in stands ranging in size from 1m to an area in excess of 10,000m and all sizes in between!

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