Start your treatment this year!

Wednesday 24th October 2012

At the time of writing (24th October) the Japanese knotweed is still green (where it has not yet been treated), there is still time to contact The Knotweed Company and get your cost effective treatment programme underway.

We still have a few sites to treat before the end of October, but we do have availability, in all parts of England and Wales, in the next few weeks to start treating your Japanese knotweed!

If you have Japanese knotweed and havenít started treatment yet, you donít have any time to lose, as once the knotweed has turned brown and died back for the winter, you will be delayed 12 months in your eradication programme.

So donít delay, call us today!

Our quotations are free and without obligation.

Whatever your weed problem, weíd be glad to hear from you and can offer solutions and competitive quotations throughout England and Wales.

Contact Brian Taylor on 01327 340770 or email me on