Still looking for spring...

Wednesday 10th April 2013

We’re still looking for spring in the midlands; however last week while working on a site on London, we did see a few Japanese knotweed shoots. While it is difficult to generalise about the seasons and the effect that they have on plants, we can probably agree that this spring is late.

The urban heating effect would normally mean that by early April we would be seeing significant signs of growth – particularly in the South, the South-west and London. This year there is very little signs of the knotweed starting to grow; this is mainly due to the cold night time temperatures.

Having said that we have been having a busy time in the last few weeks and are still brush cutting (for new clients) the old knotweed stems to allow better access and treatment for this year’s growth.

We continue to offer our clients standards which automatically include working to Best Practice, we only use qualified and experienced staff for our work and offer very competitive prices – this in combination with good service standards.

For instance, we in The Knotweed Company have our own BASIS qualified advisor (for advising on pesticide use); our own in-house Health & Safety advisor (Certificate in Managing Safely from the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health); we are accredited with CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety) and have years of experience in dealing with Japanese knotweed. This is not a package that many Japanese knotweed contractors can match!

All this and competitive prices – why not call us for a free quotation?

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PS Has anyone seen Zebedee?