Japanese knotweed and tax

Tuesday 30th November 2010

Tax and Japanese knotweed. I wonder if you knew that the taxman has considered Japanese knotweed? There are a number of taxes that relate to Japanese knotweed, the main areas to consider are:

1) Landfill tax

2) Land remediation relief (for the construction industry)

Landfill tax. This tax has two bands for Japanese knotweed purposes. The standard rate of tax for this year is £48/tonne. It is scheduled to rise by an additional £8/tonne from 1/4/2011 to £56/tonne and again on the 1/4/2012 to £64/tonne. However soils that are contaminated with Japanese knotweed may attract a lower (non-active) rate of tax. This inactive rate is £2.50/tonne. Developers can often save themselves large costs by employing a consultant/contractor such as ourselves to enable them to achieve the lower rate. On a small scale excavation of 300 tonnes, this saving would amount to £13,650.00! Larger scale works could save even more money. Surprisingly some developers sending soils to landfill are still unaware of this.

Land remediation relief. This tax relief enables the developer (subject to conditions) to obtain tax relief on the monies spent on remediating their knotweed problem. Up to 150% tax relief may be obtained for this. However the remediation works must be carefully planned to qualify for this (not all remediation types are eligible).

The Knotweed Company does not give tax advice, but we are able to work with developers in this matter and provide Japanese knotweed solutions that meet the criteria for this tax relief.

The Knotweed Company has had many successes in the field of Japanese knotweed eradication, so if you’re seeking cost effective solutions for your Japanese knotweed problem, why not call the professionals? We cover all areas of England and Wales, we only use qualified staff and we have decades of experience!

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