The best time to treat Japanese knotweed!

Wednesday 11th September 2013

The autumn period is the best time for herbicide treatments. It is a window of opportunity, which occurs after flowering, but before frost has killed the surface growth; during this period if herbicides are correctly applied to the plant, the chemical is taken down into the rhizomes. Once the herbicide is in the rhizomes, than it can work on the plant, blocking critical biochemical pathways and so weakening the plant.

This period of enhanced effectiveness will last until killing frosts cause severe damage to the canes and leaves of the knotweed, when this frost will occur is not predictable, but is typically from the end of October in some years at some sites, good treatments may still be made into November bit this is not reliable.

We have already started carrying out autumn treatments, and although we have a full order book covering all areas of England and Wales, we still have treatment slots available.

If you have Japanese knotweed, you should be seeking to get it treated now. Speak to the professionals about your herbicide programme call or email The Knotweed Company today!

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