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Thursday 3rd October 2013

Hopefully most people are aware of the seasonal nature of Japanese knotweed spray treatments. October is usually the last effective opportunity to treat knotweed, before the winter frosts kill all the surface growth. It is therefore vital that Knotweed contractors plan to do their spraying before the end of the month and that clients order their work as soon as possible. We cannot know precisely when killing frosts will make treatment pointless as this varies from site to site and from year to year.

Last year in the West Midlands, we treated two new (neighbouring) sites, one at the very end of October and one a week later. The first site had a reasonable effect and the second site had almost no effect from the treatment (we have since given the second site an additional free treatment).

Treatments made at this time are usually very effective, as the plant will take the herbicide into the rhizomes where it will continue to work through the winter. So we would urge all our readers, if you have a knotweed problem and need a quotation or have had a quotation and want to place an order, that you need to do so now.

We have already started carrying out autumn treatments, and although we have a full order book (busy, busy!) covering all areas of England and Wales, we still have treatment slots available.

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