Japanese knotweed Spring growth?

Thursday 20th March 2014

Japanese knotweed is an herbaceous perennial, each winter the above ground growth is usually killed off by frosts and the plant will re-emerge in the spring. At the moment, the knotweed (where it has not been treated) will be forming new buds and when the temperatures are right it will start to grow at a rate of a foot a week! With predicted colder weather to come in the next week (and even the possibility of frosts) the knotweed will not be emerging for a few weeks, but if this mild weather continues, we can expect to see growth emerging in a number of locations from early April possibly sooner than that in sheltered areas.

Assuming an early spring, we might see Japanese knotweed growth in sheltered areas (such as London, Bristol, Southampton, Kent, etc) becoming quite substantial by late April or early May. We are already seeing signs that the knotweed stems from the 2013 season were not completely killed off and some old stems are developing growth buds it should be an interesting season!

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