Japanese knotweed – listen to Jim on the radio!

Saturday 28th June 2014

Our regional manager joined Alex Dyke on BBC Radio Solent today to debunk some of the common misconceptions associated with Japanese knotweed, and, as it turns out, to offer some advice about bamboo too!

Anyone who’s listened to Alex Dyke will know his style of presenting is ‘straight-talking’ with some fun thrown in, and after playing the music from ‘The Day Of The Triffids’ and then throwing a completely made-up story at Jim to discredit, it was clear this interview would be no different!

Jim was advised off-air that Alex likes people who challenge him and tell it like it is – so that’s what Jim did and the two of them made quite an entertaining double act! Along with the humour however, the serious issues of how Japanese knotweed grows and spreads, how it was introduced to this country and how it should be dealt with were all talked about in the interview.

Jim then found himself offering advice on bamboo in a live phone-in and has been asked to return for more of the same next week. So, ‘Big Jim the knotweed man’ will be live on air again taking calls on knotweed and possibly on his soapbox subject Giant hogweed. Like Alex Dyke said – “Sounds like a job for the professionals”

You can listen to the interview on BBC iPlayer until July 3rd by following this link:


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