Radio Knotweed!

Monday 7th July 2014

As Jim was so successful last week on the Alex Dyke BBC Radio Solent show, he was called back to do a phone in to discuss and offer advice on invasive species – those sometimes misunderstood ‘bullies’ of the plant world.

Although all may not warrant the tag of ‘bully’, some of them certainly command a lot of respect. What was evidently clear from the number of enquiries on-air is that bamboo is becoming increasingly troublesome and many people who plant it sadly do not then fulfil their responsibility to control it. This leads to it spreading across boundaries and becoming a problem. The whole phone-in was given a somewhat surreal twist when, after bumping into Charlie Dimmock in reception on his way in, Jim then went on to mention the TV programme ‘Ground Force’ as one of those accountable for the spread of bamboo! Other invasive species discussed were Horsetail, Ivy, Himalayan Balsam and Jim’s soapbox subject Giant Hogweed – a plant that was familiar to school children in the 70’s and 80’s (I remember being scared by the public information films they showed us at school) but doesn’t seem to be talked about now.

After giving out more valuable advice it was suggested that Jim may be asked back again – so watch this space!

You can listen to the phone-in by following this link which is available until the 9th of July (Jim’s bit starts around 2hrs 8mins in).

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Becky Glaister