How do you get rid of Japanese knotweed?

Wednesday 20th August 2014

There is no one answer to this and the initial response is to ask more questions, such as:

Are you looking for complete Japanese knotweed eradication or do you merely require the knotweed to be controlled?

Where is the knotweed?

Is it easily accessed or is it growing around or within a structure?

If the latter, can that structure be removed or must it remain intact?

Is the Japanese knotweed growing close to a watercourse?

Is all of the knotweed within the confines of your land?

How much time do you have available for the Japanese knotweed removal to be completed?

These (and others) are all questions our surveyors would seek to answer before providing any kind of recommendations. The simple fact is there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to the Japanese knotweed problem and you should always be wary of anyone offering you a programme of works without sufficient knowledge of your own individual site. Although many sites will be suitable for one particular method of treatment, some will require a combination of more than one.

Timescales and budget are often the keys to what kind of treatment is recommended. There is a very simple truism about Japanese knotweed treatment that states the more time you have available for treatment, the more options you will have available and the less money it will cost you. This is why early identification is absolutely crucial to successful and cost-effective Japanese knotweed removal. Last minute will cost you plenty.

There are several forms of Japanese knotweed treatment, but at either extent of the treatment scale can be found two techniques: excavation and chemical treatment. Excavation is quick but costly, while the treatment of Japanese knotweed using specialist herbicides can take years to achieve lasting results. The best treatment method to use on your site will depend entirely on the answers given to the above questions. All treatment methods have their pros and cons, but if you do not choose the method most suitable for your timescale and the knotweed location you may be about to spend more money than you need to.

If in doubt call us to discuss your individual needs.

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