Radio Knotweed (again!)

Monday 13th October 2014

Another successful appearance by Jim Glaister on BBC Radio Solent, this time on the Saturday morning show with Sasha Twining. Jim was one of three guests invited to look at and comment on the days’ papers and then he was on his own as the ‘expert of the day’ and took a phone-in on invasive weeds.

To start proceedings Jim explained how he got into the profession and what a ‘typical’ (although there never really is a ‘typical’) work week may include. He also discussed the issue of Japanese knotweed and mortgages and the benefits of herbicide treatment versus the expensive and often difficult alternative of excavation.

The phone-in covered several issues. Field horsetail (another deep-rooted weed with fast growing rhizomes) was discussed as well as the thorny issue of Japanese knotweed growing on adjacent land. In particular, Jim outlined the failings of current legislation and how landowners do not have a legal obligation to deal with Japanese knotweed if it isn’t encroaching onto neighbouring land and isn’t causing any other problems. Also covered in the phone-in was how burning Japanese knotweed can sometimes control the spread but isn’t a means of eradication and has to be done very carefully.

Bamboo was also discussed as Jim gave advice to one caller who had recently planted it in her garden as a screen and was unaware of the potential problems with rhizome spread.

Jim got to talk about one of his pet subjects again – the dangers of Giant Hogweed and just before he left got in a plug for his personal endeavours at Winchester’s Chesil Theatre!

Take a listen to the whole phone-in by clicking the link below which is only available until first thing on the 18th of October