Japanese knotweed new guidelines and legislation.

Wednesday 19th November 2014

The Home Office has recently produced new guidance which may lead to fines to people and organisations that fail to deal with their Japanese knotweed. This has led to considerable media excitement and we’ve already been on air this morning on our local BBC Radio Northampton speaking to Stuart Linnell.

However, the new guidelines place the responsibility for the interpretation and enforcement of this onto the Local Authorities and implicit in the guidelines is a local interpretation of what constitutes a trigger for action, so enforcement may be patchy at best.

It is ironic that the Government is in the process of bringing out Species Control Orders at this time, which is new legislation to enforce the control of invasive species and could have been used to enforce problems with Japanese knotweed, but has explicitly (at the time of writing) excluded Japanese knotweed from this Act.

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