The Knotweed Company and Safety

Wednesday 5th January 2011

We at The Knotweed Company are looking forward to 2011, as we believe that it will continue to offer us new opportunities for growth and development. We have already received some good news this year, as we have been assessed as CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety) compliant; we are now seeking accreditation from the scheme. We regard this as a very positive step as our clients can rest assured that we take Health and Safety very seriously indeed.

At this time of year, Japanese knotweed may not be the first thing on your mind Ė after all itís not actively growing! However under the ground it is a very different story... the rhizomes of untreated stands are swollen with the stored food of previous yearís growth and the crowns and rhizomes will be developing buds from which shoots will grow in the spring. It would be advisable for any people with knotweed to contact us as soon as possible, as treatment can start even at this time of year, with dead stems needing clearing out of the way or even removing from site, to allow effective herbicide treatment to begin in the spring. If you are thinking about more rapid solutions such as excavation and removal of the knotweed from site, than this isnít a bad time of year to commence works, we can carry out the necessary pre-treatment and remove from site, before the growing season commences!

Finally best wishes to all our customers, clients and suppliers for 2011!

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