Japanese knotweed in winter.

Tuesday 27th January 2015

At this time of year, most Japanese knotweed will have died back and has stored all their energy in the underground rhizome system. All this energy will be available to the plant, as soon as the weather warms up again and growth starts – hence the amazing capacity of the plant to grow both quickly and in adverse conditions.

Here at The Knotweed Company, we’re not able to rest quietly and wait for the weather to warm up! Instead we are carrying out essential winter works – clearing stands of old canes and other vegetation to allow us better access (and hence more effective treatment) in the coming season. We are also working on several construction sites, advising and managing excavation works for clients. In addition to that we are carrying out surveys and verification visits for clients.

We are also updating staff’s training needs and checking internal procedures, etc, so ensuring that we are able to continue to offer a truly professional service to all our clients.

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