Japanese knotweed spring shoots.

Wednesday 8th April 2015

We have seen Japanese knotweed shoots in sheltered areas of Southern England for some time now. However in the last few days we are seeing new growth all over the country, yesterday I was in Lincolnshire and found numerous shoots on several sites. One of our technicians also reported finding new shoots in Derbyshire and Lancashire yesterday.

It is still only the early signs of growth for this season and this growth could be killed by a late frost, however we would expect to see the usual spring surge of growth in the next few weeks, when the knotweed will grow at the rate of a foot a week sometimes more!

We have kept busy throughout the quiet season and are now looking to recruit new members of staff to fill several positions in the company, including an administrator an estimator and a technician all based at our new Daventry offices. Please contact Brian Taylor brian@jkweed.co.uk for more details, if you should be interested in applying.

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